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Title: Bit9 Parity Suite 6.0 Comparison of Bit9 Advanced Threat Solution versus McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

Publication date:   12 March 2012
Document number:    212108


Security and network operation center personnel have traditionally had few alternatives when it comes to securing endpoints and servers in their enterprise, with most solutions being some variation of the traditional antivirus blacklisting approach to security. Advanced threats which put valuable intellectual property at risk have quickly become a significant security concern for corporations.

Bit9 commissioned Tolly to evaluate leading endpoint security solutions to compare the effectiveness of traditional antivirus products and the most recent application control approach against malware and zero-day threats. The application control (whitelisting) solution tested was Bit9 Parity Suite 6.0, and the antivirus (blacklisting) solutions tested were McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1. Testing of 5 attacks across a number of systems showed that Bit9 Parity Suite protects both Windows clients and Windows Web servers more effectively than the Symantec and McAfee endpoint solutions under test.

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