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Title: HP t610 Flexible Thin Client Comparative Performance and User Experience Evaluation versus Wyse Z90D7

Publication date:   22 May 2012
Document number:    212110


As thin client deployments become more common for graphics-intensive applications, the demand for dual-core and multi-display functionality continues to increase. Not only must thin clients offer flexible solutions for local and desktop virtualization requirements, but they must also provide good quality performance for high-resolution multimedia applications and multi-monitor support.

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and user experience of the newly-launched HP dual-core t610 Flexible Thin Client, the successor to HP’s popular t5740 Thin Client, comparing it to the Wyse Z90D7 thin client solution.

Overall, the HP and Wyse solutions both delivered good user performance. However, there are some advantages to the HP thin client, specifically related to price/performance.

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