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Title: HP t510 Flexible Thin Client Comparative Performance and User Experience Evaluation versus Dell Wyse Z90S7 & C90LE7

Publication date:   30 June 2012
Document number:    212111


As deployments become more common, users demand greater variety when selecting thin clients. Companies are offering a variety of products to meet customer needs of desktop replacement/VDI, better manageability and environmentally-friendlier solutions. HP recently announced their new HP t510 thin client (the follow-on product to the HP t55xx series thin clients), a dual-core based product, targeted at the more cost sensitive buyers who do not require quad-head graphics and/or high-security.

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and user experience of the HP dual-core t510 Flexible Thin Client, comparing it to the single-core Z90S7 and C90E7 offerings from Dell Wyse in tests of 720p HD video playback. These Dell Wyse products were chosen because they were in a similar product class to the HP t510.

Overall, the HP and Dell Wyse Z90S7 solutions delivered good user performance while the Dell Wyse C90LE7 fared less well. The HP t510 provides a comparable or better feature set to the Dell Wyse offerings and is priced significantly lower.

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