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Title: Infoblox IPAM Automation for VMware vCloud Director - IP Address and DNS Provisioning of VMware Virtual Machines

Publication date:   01 August 2012
Document number:    212124


Server virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere provide enterprise server architects with enormous flexibility in provisioning new environments for functions like application testing, staging or production rollouts. For all its power, common functions, including creating and deleting collections of virtual machines (VMs), gathering information about the myriad virtual servers, virtual switches and virtual VLANs in one’s environment and provisioning a new physical server (ESXi host), still require manual networking configuration.

Infoblox commissioned Tolly to evaluate its IP address management (IPAM) automation solution for VMware. The Infoblox offering integrates with VMware vCenter Orchestrator as a plug-in and leverages Infoblox DNS functionality to decrease the amount of time and effort required to accomplish common tasks, eliminate errors and improve total cost of ownership (TCO) in VMware environments. With environments of 500 VMs, the staff costs of manual vApp provisioning and discovery can exceed $60,000. Since manual provisioning does not scale, effort increases linearly with the size of the virtual environment. According to Tolly calculations, the additional cost associated with manual provisioning in an environment of 5,000 VMs can exceed $600,000 per annum.

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