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Title: Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite Gigabit Ethernet Routing Performance Evaluation Versus MikroTik RB1100AHx2

Publication date:   12 September 2012
Document number:    212128


Ubiquiti Networks' EdgeRouter Lite offers unprecedented price/ performance value, providing more than 25X higher performance per dollar than the MikroTik product compared in this report. With the combination of its broad feature set, advanced hardware platform, and disruptive price the EdgeRouter Lite is positioned to bring enterprise-class performance to a much wider audience.

Ubiquiti Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the packet forwarding performance of its new EdgeRouter Lite product and compare that to a similar product from MikroTik. Tests showed that the EdgeRouter Lite priced at $99 performed significantly better than the competing device that costs around $475.

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