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Title: Extreme Networks Summit X440 Series Switch Performance, Features and Power Consumption Evaluation

Publication date:   01 October 2012
Document number:    212132


Video/voice, database, financial and other applications put increasing bandwidth demands on the network. Even with these ever-increasing demands, it is expected that a networks’ latency remains low. Extreme Networks, Inc. commissioned Tolly to test and verify L2/L3 performance, power consumption, latency and features of their Summit X440 Series switch.

The test results show that a Summit X440 series switch loaded to 100% of capacity will not drop traffic while still maintaining low latency. Thus, the Summit X440 will not compromise overall network performance during periods of high traffic. The Extreme Summit X440 earned 18 Tolly certifications for product functionality in QoS, L3 functionality and other areas, as well as a key differentiator common across all Extreme Networks switches: ID Manager. Power consumption tests proved the Summit X440-48p-10G consumes less than 100W during periods of high network utilization.

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