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Title: Huawei AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers GbE and 10GbE Forwarding and IPsec Throughput

Publication date:   02 November 2012
Document number:    212140


In today’s enterprise, branch routers do much more than simply route traditional data packets - they must provide firewall and VPN services as well as handle voice traffic. Huawei has developed a family of enterprise routers that provide high rates of throughput, have embedded hardware encryption and digital signal processors (DSPs) to deal with these requirements. Furthermore, Huawei’s modular architecture provides for customers to select among various service and routing unit (SRU) boards to meet the customer’s particular throughput requirements.

Huawei Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate the forwarding/ throughput performance of several models of its AR G3 series of enterprise routers.

For the AR2200 series routers, Tolly benchmarked the AR2201-48FE and AR2202-48FE. For the AR3200 series, Tolly benchmarked a system equipped with three different SRU main boards: the SRU100, SRU200 and SRU400. With the SRU400, performance reached 40Gbps.

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