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Title: Huawei AP6010 WLAN Access Point Performance Evaluation vs. Cisco Aironet 3502i AP

Publication date:   01 November 2012
Document number:    212143


Driven by growth in the number of mobile workers, Wi-Fi (802.11n) now provides the primary office connectivity for many businesses. Higher per-client and aggregate AP throughput can reduce the number of APs required in a given location and thus, lower the customer’s investment in WLAN hardware.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to validate the performance of its AP6010 WLAN AP with 2x2:2 MIMO capabilities and compare that to the Cisco Systems 2x3:2 MIMO-based WLAN solution. The Huawei AP6010 outperformed the Cisco Aironet 3502i AP in all test scenarios.

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