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Title: Fluke Networks Visual TruView Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting 10Gbps Performance and Usability Evaluation

Publication date:   29 January 2013
Document number:    213101


Traditionally, establishing the root case of critical application slow downs involved the manual correlation of data from multiple sources, often in a “war room” environment. This was complex, time-consuming and expensive both in the resources the approach required and in the cost to the company of the unresolved problem.

With Visual TruView, Fluke Networks delivers an application and network performance monitoring solution that aggregates detailed data from multiple sources to a single dashboard. Fluke Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the solution.

Tests show that Visual TruView can provide easy problem identification through data aggregation and provide drill-down through multiple layers to pinpoint the root cause of application performance problems.

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