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Title: H3C S5500 Series Switch Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   09 October 2013
Document number:    213111


H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to verify key features of the S5500 series switches. The presence of these features make the switch family suited to serve as the distribution device in large-sized enterprise and campus networks, the core device in small- and medium-sized enterprise networks, and the edge device in Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).

Tolly previously published two extensive evaluations of the H3C S5500 switch covering both performance and features in 2006 and 2007. Relevant information from those tests is presented along with the new test results.

Tolly engineers also verified the performance of two S5500 models and a total of 86 functions and features spanning Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions, security and control policies, stacking functionality, MPLS and ISS

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