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Title: Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite - Improving Server Performance and Security: An Impact Comparison of Application Control and Traditional Anti-Virus Solutions

Publication date:   11 April 2013
Document number:    213121


Server systems are, by definition, more important than individual endpoints, must provide services to hundreds or even thousands of endpoints and, naturally, must be secure. While traditional anti-virus (AV) solutions can provide protection for servers, constantly running AV processes along with potentially frequent signature updates can consume resources that could otherwise be used to provide application services to users.

Lumension commissioned Tolly to evaluate the impact on server resources of its alternative application control solution and compare that with traditional AV solutions from Microsoft Corp., Symantec Corp. and Trend Micro, Inc. Tests showed that the Lumension Application Control solution consumed less server CPU resource allowing the server to deliver greater throughput across a diverse workload while providing effective security against malware.

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