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Title: Motorola AP 6522 and AP 8132 802.11n Performance in High-Density Deployments vs. Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 and 7982

Publication date:   19 July 2013
Document number:    213127


Most enterprises now rely on wireless LAN as the de facto network connectivity standard to deliver enterprise applications, including video. With WLAN playing an ever important role in the infrastructure, it has become the norm to expect wireless networks to support a high number of multiple types of applications like video and data simultaneously

In addition, designing for dense environments such as meeting rooms, auditoriums, banquet halls, classrooms and conference centers require proper planning, taking radio frequency-channel and transmit power into consideration. A defining characteristic of dense deployments is close proximity of APs. Improper selection of channel and power can create what is known as adjacent channel interference (ACI), which degrades the overall network performance. The explosion of WiFi-enabled smartphones and tables pose more challenges to the wireless network. According to Gartner, “Without proper planning, enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more WiFi”.

Motorola commissioned Tolly to evaluate the Motorola mid-range AP 6522 and high-end AP 8132 versus comparable offerings from Ruckus Wireless, the ZoneFlex 7363 and 7982. The Motorola APs outperformed Ruckus in ACI management, offering greater downstream throughput as well as better performance in video applications.

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