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Title: Ubiquiti Networks UAP-Outdoor+ Access Point 802.11n WLAN Performance Evaluation
 Versus Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems and Ruckus Wireless

Publication date:   16 September 2013
Document number:    213128


Wireless networking has become the standard method for providing indoor endpoint connectivity. Now Wi-Fi is becoming available practically everywhere; from stadiums to schools, trains and buses, retail outlets and branch offices. In high-density environments such as these, performance can suffer as several WLAN access points (APs) compete for the same operating band and interfere with each other.

Ubiquiti Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate its UAP-Outdoor+ Access Point with Multi-Lane RF Technology against comparable APs from Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems and Ruckus Wireless, in high-interference 2.4GHz WLAN environments. The design of the Ubiquiti UAP-Outdoor+ allows the AP to perform effectively in noisy, high-density, high- interference deployments. Tolly found that design provides excellent noise rejection of adjacent channel interference, thus achieving outstanding performance even in a saturated environment.

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