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Title: HughesON Network Solutions with Hughes Active Technologies Broadband Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Virtual Bandwidth Evaluation

Publication date:   19 August 2013
Document number:    213129


Today’s multi-site deployments require technologies that cater to an ever- growing demand for always-on and high volume media applications, without sacrificing performance. A common approach to improving network throughput is the addition of a WAN optimization appliance to each branch location. However, this approach is costly and complex for organizations with 100+ sites. Ethernet-based solutions can also provide the necessary bandwidth required to support these applications. However, these are often cost prohibitive for widespread deployment.

To demonstrate how their offerings improve network performance while handling these high-traffic demands, Hughes Network Systems commissioned Tolly to evaluate their HughesON Network Solutions with Hughes ActiveQoS™ ActiveCompression™ and ActiveBonding™ Technologies.

Tolly found that Hughes ActiveQoS™ technology enables end-to-end QoS over best-efforts broadband for proper application priority. Coupled with Hughes ActiveCompression™, this results in excellent application performance. In addition, Tolly found that Hughes ActiveBonding™ enabled broadband aggregation, a cost-effective method of delivering high capacity to distributed enterprises.

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