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Title: Huawei S12700 Series Agile Switches Programmable Capability, Performance and Feature Validation

Publication date:   06 August 2013
Document number:    213136


Innovative services put new demands on the network. Centralized management, application and network decoupling, as well as programmable capability are key features in high-end networking.

Using a fully programmable switching architecture, the S12700 Series Agile Switch allows fast, flexible feature customization and supports a smooth evolution to software-defined networking (SDN). According to Huawei, the S12700 series uses Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chips and provides native WLAN AC functions to help build a wired and wireless converged network.

Tolly engineers verified Huawei S12700 series’ programmable capability which supported forwarding standard and non-standard packets with user-defined flows.

Tests also showed that the Huawei S12700 series switches under test delivered 100% line rate throughput at all frame sizes tested scaling up to 384 10GbE ports with N+1 switch fabric modules backup.

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