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Title: IBM Security Access Manager Proxy (AMP) 5100 - Web Gateway Appliance
 - Web Application Protection, Performance, and Ease-of-Use Evaluation

Publication date:   27 September 2013
Document number:    213149


Web applications are often the most vulnerable part of a company's infrastructure, and yet are typically given direct paths to the internet, thus leaving these vulnerabilities exposed. In recent years, Web application firewalls and access gateways have been utilized in an attempt to secure this route. However, these methods can prove ineffective against vulnerabilities specific to Web applications, riding atop valid user session and HTTP traffic.

IBM commissioned Tolly to evaluate the IBM Security Access Manager Proxy (AMP) 5100 Web Gateway Appliance for its Web protection effectiveness, performance, and ease-of-use. The AMP 5100 is designed to sit between Web application servers and the internet, inspecting HTTP traffic and user sessions inline and blocking attempted exploits.

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