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Title: HP MSR Series Router
 Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   30 September 2013
Document number:    213155


As more diverse applications are implemented on enterprise networks, routers need to offer concurrent access to high-speed services, along with powerful forwarding and encryption capability. Enterprise and carrier-class routers have to accommodate those demands while supporting technologies such as IPv6, MPLS, QoS, security, etc.

Tolly engineers selected a number of HP MSR series routers (HP MSR930, 931, 2003, 3012, 3064 and 4080) to evaluate in LAN and WAN protocols, Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols and MPLS. Security functionality including AAA, VPN and encryption protocols, QoS, network management, high availability, wireless and voice features, as well as easy deployment with 3G network and an USB flash drive deployment were also tested.

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