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Title: Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Scopia® Mobile Video Conferencing Ease-of-Use Evaluation versus Polycom RealPresence

Publication date:   28 October 2013
Document number:    213156


From daily telecommuting to international presentations, video conferencing is gaining popularity as a way to connect in the workplace. Additional capabilities for tablets and smartphones allow users to enjoy full access to office operations from virtually anywhere, though often this increased functionality requires more setup. When preparing for a meeting, most users cannot afford to waste time and risk downloading, configuring and launching several different components in order to be able to participate in a video conference.

Avaya, Inc. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the ease-of-use of its Scopia Video Conferencing solution for desktops and mobile versus the desktop and mobile clients for Polycom, Inc. RealPresence. Tolly engineers evaluated the ease-of-use for a first-time user to join a meeting for both desktop and mobile clients, and the features/functions available to a user once joined. Tolly validated that Avaya Scopia Desktop allows first time users to easily download, launch and join meetings in less than 1 minute, compared to about 7 minutes required for Polycom RealPresence.

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