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Title: Carbonite Server 
Windows Cloud Server File Backup Performance Evaluation Versus CrashPlan Pro, MozyPro, and SOS Online Backup

Publication date:   03 December 2013
Document number:    213157


Most businesses, from the smallest to large enterprises, consider their data to be an extremely valuable part of their business, so when they make provisions to protect this data via backup, they will want it to happen quickly. Once a decision has been made to provision backups in the cloud, users want to avoid a “limbo” period where some portions of their business data are protected and others aren’t. A fast initial backup experience allows the business owner to get back to what matters – running and growing the business.

Carbonite, Inc. commissioned Tolly to evaluate their Carbonite Server backup solution versus CrashPlan Pro, MozyPro, and SOS Online Backup. In backing up over 50GB of data residing on a Windows 2008 R2 Server system, Tolly found that Carbonite Server Backup delivered the fastest backup time, up to 12.5X faster, compared to the other solutions under test.

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