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Title: McAfee Real Time Command Leveraging Peer Communications to Deliver Rapid Response to Security Threats in Large, Distributed Environments

Publication date:   26 March 2014
Document number:    214105


As security threats continue to grow in number and sophistication, reaction time becomes ever more important. The advent of advanced persistent threats (APT) make rapid response mandatory. McAfee has addressed the delay inherent in traditional, server-to-endpoint-only communication by implementing an endpoint management system that leverages communication across logical chains of co-located endpoint to accelerate response times.

McAfee commissioned Tolly to evaluate its Real Time Command management system and verify its capability to gather endpoint management data rapidly as well as provide a unified management platform for problem mitigation. Tests showed that Real Time Command can collect data rapidly with 95% of 500 stations collected in as little as 9 seconds and then manage problem mitigation.

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