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Title: Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Real-World Application Delivery Performance Evaluation versus F5 Networks

Publication date:   20 March 2014
Document number:    214107


True, measurable performance is a key factor when selecting an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution for modern data centers, but with so many different functions available in an ADC, it is important to understand the actual performance in real-world scenarios. While many traditional load balancers and ADCs use special hardware, Citrix opted for a software first approach that uses standard Intel hardware with specialized software that can be easily virtualized as a basis for its NetScaler ADC.

Citrix commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance using common configurations of several NetScaler models along with comparable products from F5 Networks’ BIG-IP line of ADC solutions in scenarios designed to simulate real-world use. Tolly found NetScaler provided up to 480% the performance of the F5 models.

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