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Title: Huawei CloudEngine 7800/6800/5800 Series Data Center Switch Performance, Virtualization, Data Center Features and SDN Evaluation

Publication date:   24 September 2014
Document number:    214120


Huawei CloudEngine 7800/6800/5800 series switches are 40GbE/10GbE/GbE data center switches developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to evaluate their CE7800/6800/5800 series switch performance, virtualization capability, features and SDN functionalities.

Tolly engineers verified that the CloudEngine switches provided high performance with low power consumption, virtualization capability with Huawei’s iStack and SVF technologies, as well as numerous data center features including VEPA, TRILL, FCoE (FCF, NPV, FSB modes and DCB), and Huawei nCenter interoperation with VMware vCenter.

Tests also show that the CloudEngine switches supported OpenFlow SDN including interoperability with Huawei Agile Controller and the third party controller “Ryu”, L2/L3 line-rate forwarding, multiple flow tables, policy-based routing, and dynamic traffic engineering (TE).

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