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Title: Ruijie Networks Newton 18000 Series Switch: Performance & Capacity Evaluation, Power Consumption Measurement and Feature Validation

Publication date:   25 July 2014
Document number:    214123


The demands on cloud data centers and enterprise data centers seem ever increasing. Network architects require switch infrastructure that provides high throughput and capacity as well as high-availability and a range of sophisticated features.

Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate its Newton 18000 Series Switch in a single-switch deployment as well as in a stacked configuration of 2 and 4 switches.

Tolly engineers found that the Rujie N18010 switch delivered line-rate, layer 2 throughput at all frame sizes across a configuration of 192 40GbE ports. Additional tests illustrated that the N18000 switches provided high system table and user authentication capacity. Furthermore, tests illustrated a number of high-availability, virtualization and multi-switch stacking features of the N18000 series.

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