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Title: Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Windows 7 Full Disk Encryption Performance versus Check Point Software, McAfee & Symantec Corp.

Publication date:   23 September 2014
Document number:    214126


In the many industries where security is paramount, encrypting the disks of user computers is standard procedure. While encryption certainly enhances security, it is important for disk encryption solutions to avoid degrading performance of the target encrypted systems.

Sophos Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of the Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise disk encryption solution in a Windows 7 Enterprise OS environment and compare its performance to that of other leading solutions from Check Point Software, McAfee and Symantec Corporation. Tests were conducted using traditional hard disk drives (HDD) as well as solid state drives (SSD).

Sophos encryption delivered both the fastest initial encryption as well as the lowest overall impact on performance.

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