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Title: Ruijie Networks Next-Gen Data Center Infrastructure Solution Feature Validation - N18000 & S6220 Data Center Switches

Publication date:   25 July 2014
Document number:    214127


Nowadays, the realities of enterprise and cloud computing place ever-greater demands on data center infrastructure. Geographically separate data centers need to be able to function as one. They need to be able to handle integrated storage protocols and advanced virtualization functions.

Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate its Next-Gen Data Center Infrastructure Solution built around its RG-N18000 and RG-S6220 data center switches.

Tolly engineers found that the Ruijie solution could successfully provision a layer 2 network across multiple physical data centers, leverage virtual machine (VM) live migration to migrate switch profiles across data centers and provide unified, simultaneous support for both Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

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