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Title: HP StoreEasy Storage:
System Deployment, Ease-of-Use and Management Evaluation

Publication date:   15 September 2014
Document number:    214129


From the smallest branch office to the largest enterprise environment, storage is always an important consideration. Nowadays with audio files and video files becoming commonplace elements of business, storage demands reach terabyte levels even with a small number of users. HP believes that, across the board, businesses need efficient file storage that is both easy-to-manage and scalable.

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the HP StoreEasy Storage family of devices which consists of the HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage file appliances to provide simple file storage and the HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage file gateways to provide scalable connectivity to back-end storage area network (SAN) environments. Specifically, Tolly focused on initial deployment, ease-of-use and management of both systems.

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