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Title: 3CLogic Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG): 1,000+ Seat Distributed Contact Center Performance, Scalability and Reliability Evaluation

Publication date:   09 September 2014
Document number:    214132


As contact centers continue to grow in scale and complexity, administrators are often forced into situations where costly upgrades or overhauls are required in order to maintain business continuity. With the traditional telephony model, many dedicated servers are typically required for each call center deployment, and can often lead to performance bottlenecks during peak load.

3CLogic commissioned Tolly to evaluate its Virtual Telephony Application Grid cloud-based contact center solution, validating its performance and reliability benefits versus traditional, centralized server based deployments. 3CLogic’s V- TAG solution eliminates the need for any on-site server infrastructure, instead provisioning a set of shared cloud servers, capable of providing additional redundancy and far greater scalability.

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