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Title: Samsung WLAN vs. Cisco Systems & Aruba Networks - Performance Comparison

Publication date:   01 October 2014
Document number:    214135


Nowadays, it is more evident than ever that wireless communications have become one of the most popular means of personal and business communication. In the enterprise world, communication goes beyond basic email and web browsing into a whole new set of applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, video streaming, and much more.

Wireless LANs (WLANs), solutions based on the IEEE 802.11n/ac standards, have taken over as the prime role of communication service providers and provide unprecedented performance for business networks with WLAN solutions rivaling the gigabit speeds of wired LANs.

Samsung Electronics commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of its high-performance 802.11ac WEA403i access point (AP) and compare that to its direct competitors, Cisco Systems (AIR-CAP3702i) and Aruba Networks (AP 225).

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