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Title: Huawei Agile Network Solution with Huawei NetEngine Series Routers Solution, Features and Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   26 February 2015
Document number:    214142


As part of Huawei’s Agile Network Solutions, Huawei’s Industry Interconnection Solutions are committed to achieving full connectivity in power, transportation, energy, and other industries. These solutions are built upon industry environments and demands, with high availability, easy operation and maintenance along with smooth evolution characteristics. They provide low latency for the production services and high quality bearer network with low jitter.

Huawei NetEngine (NE) series routers fulfill industry networks’ demand to smooth evolution to an IP-based network and provide efficient, secure and sustainable IT networks with technologies including the Atom Routers, IP hard pipe, SDN RR+, etc.

Tolly engineers evaluated the Huawei Agile Network solutions’ features and performance.

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