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Title: Attachmate® Reflection® 2014 Feature Evaluation vs. IBM Personal Communications 6.0, OpenText HostExplorer 14.0 and Rocket Software BlueZone 6.1

Publication date:   19 November 2014
Document number:    214154


Legacy IBM host-based applications, whether running on IBM mainframes or AS/400 minicomputers, operate on the most critical business data in enterprises. Today's user interfaces have advanced significantly since the golden age of the mainframe and it is important to take advantage of modern user-interface constructs and productivity enhancements to streamline access to critical enterprise data. Similarly, regulatory standards like PCI require secure access for connections both inside and outside the corporate network.

Attachmate Corp. commissioned Tolly to evaluate its Reflection 2014 terminal emulation solution vs. four other offerings focusing on user interface, productivity, secure access and mobile experience. The Attachmate solution delivered significant benefits in all areas evaluated.

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