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Title: AvayaLive Video Cloud Service Performance & Feature Evaluation vs. Blue Jeans Network and Lifesize

Publication date:   16 February 2015
Document number:    215104


Video conferencing is rapidly becoming an essential business tool for companies of all sizes. Leveraging cloud-based services and software-based clients, organizations can come online almost instantly and enjoy the productivity benefits that were, previously, only available to larger companies using specialized video conferencing hardware. Avaya’s video conferencing services brings sophisticated capabilities to any user on any of today’s common desktop, mobile and handheld platforms.

Avaya, Inc. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and feature set of its AvayaLive Video Cloud service and compare that with Blue Jeans Network and Lifesize Cloud.

Testing was conducted primarily on a Windows 7 soft-client platform and evaluated the feature set, soft-client send/receive resolution, impact of packet loss and support of 1080p endpoints by the service under test.

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