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Title: Huawei eSight Unified Management Platform Features Validation and Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   16 April 2015
Document number:    215107


Huawei eSight is a new generation of unified operation and management (O&M) system for enterprise network infrastructure, unified communications, telepresence conferencing and video surveillance. Based upon “topology-centric, simplifying management, and improving the O&M efficiency” philosophy, eSight centrally manages corporate resources, services and users. Meanwhile, eSight provides a flexible and open platform that supports enterprise customization development to allow users to build their own personalized intelligent management system.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to evaluate the ease-of-use, wired and wireless converged network management, full lifecycle WLAN management, intelligent network quality monitoring, fine right- and domain-based user management, multi-vendor device management capability and other key features.

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