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Title: Huawei S5720-EI Series Next-Generation Enhanced Gigabit Ethernet Switch Features, High Availability and Capacity Evaluation

Publication date:   10 March 2015
Document number:    215115


Huawei S5720-EI series enhanced gigabit Ethernet switch is Huawei’s next- generation switch that provide flexible GbE access ports and 10GbE uplink ports. They can be deployed as aggregation/access switches in enterprise campus networks or as gigabit access switches in data center networks.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to evaluate their S5720-EI series switch’s VLAN mapping feature, IP services, dynamic user access control, multicast, high - availability, easy-operation, VPN and capacity of various features.

Tolly engineers verified that the Huawei S5720-EI switch supported 1:N VLAN mapping and 4,000 1:1 VLAN mapping, IP FRR with less than 50ms failover time, Multicast ARP for Microsoft NLB, dynamic user access control, Layer 3 multicast, iStack with uplink ports or specific stacking modules, easy-operation, sFlow, GRE tunnel for VPN, MAC table capacity - 64,000, ARP table capacity - 12,000, OSPF/ BGP/ISIS routing table capacity - 20,000, OSPF/BGP/ISIS FIB capacity - 16,000, 127 VPN instances, VPN routing table capacity - 20,000, VPN FIB capacity - 16,000, VLAN interface capacity - 1,024, ACL rules capacity - 3,000 inbound and 512 outbound, and Committed Access Rate (CAR) counter capacity - 3,000 inbound and 512 outbound.

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