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Title: WINS Sniper ONE 40G Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Efficacy and Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   30 September 2015
Document number:    215144


In a large scale network, security solutions are installed to detect and protect the various network incidents. Moreover, enterprise/ISP administrators are using various security products to protect the service/internal resources by the characteristics of their service/internal resources (DNS Server, VoIP connection, Internet, etc). The security solutions should provide the stable performance without interrupting the data flow. SNIPER ONE is a security solution which stably detects and blocks the attacks in large scale network such as Mobile LTE, higher education, financial, service provider, enterprise data center, etc. The user can activate the different security policy by services like IPS, Anti-DDoS, VoIP, DNS, and so on.

WINS commissioned Tolly to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of its Sniper ONE 40G Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). The Sniper ONE is an inline IPS outfitted with four 10GbE ports. Testing encompassed attack detection/blocking in various application environments, packet level and Layer 7 (HTTP) throughput as well as an evaluation of some key features of the IPS. The system detected 98% of attacks and blocked 93% of attacks

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