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Title: Huawei WLAN Access Controllers Application Recognition, Smart Roaming, and Easy Operation & Management

Publication date:   08 September 2015
Document number:    215147


With the development of smart devices, more and more applications are running over the wireless network. To improve the security and network resource management, administrators require visible application traffic statistics and application-based control. Huawei WLAN Access Controllers (ACs) provides the application recognition function to support visible management and control of Layer 4 to 7 network attributes.

In the multi-AP environment, some clients may stick to the first connected AP even after they moved and the signal became very poor. Huawei Access Controllers support the Smart Roaming function to assist clients roam to the best available AP for better single user’s and entire network’s performance.

Huawei WLAN Access Controllers provide a built-in Web network management interface to support service deployment, network status monitoring, and problem intelligent diagnosis.

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