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Title: Brocade Open Mobility Solutions:
Interoperability Evaluation for Aerohive Networks WLAN with Brocade ICX Switches

Publication date:   21 September 2015
Document number:    215154


Supporting wireless mobility means continually addressing new devices in a rapidly advancing industry. The Effortless Network enabled by the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture provides the ideal foundation for wireless network solutions. Aerohive Networks simple, secure, scalable WLAN solutions. high performance access points and scalable WLAN solutions. By working together with Aerohive, Brocade aims to deliver the best-in-class, open wired network underlay infrastructure upon which to deploy wireless networks (WLAN). Brocade is committed to working with industry standard wireless networks to deliver open and secure multi-vendor wired/wireless network solutions.

Brocade commissioned Tolly to evaluate the interoperability of its Brocade ICX 7250/7450 switches with the Aerohive. WLAN solution as implemented in its in its Aerohive AP230 and AP130AccessPoints(AP). No WLAN controller is required for the operation of Aerohive wireless networks.

The Brocade LAN switch and Aerohive wireless WLAN solutions demonstrated interoperability across all tests. While Tolly tested only the AP230 and AP130, other Aerohive Access points use the same common firmware and should also pass all the tests. Aerohive HiveManager is a Cloud based management software used to configure, manage and monitor all Aerohive Access points. HiveManager was used to run these tests.

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