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Title: Zebra AirDefense Wireless IPS (WIPS) Security Effectiveness Evaluation vs. Cisco Adaptive wIPS

Publication date:   10 November 2015
Document number:    215156


Wireless LAN (WLAN) within enterprises is the common network access for employees, guests and customers. It has become a critical service network in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, transportation and logistics, retail, and hospitality. WLAN is also serving as mobile marketing platforms for shopper and guest engagement. As more businesses exploit the use of Wi-Fi to improve their business and reduce friction to interact with their customers, securing the wireless network is paramount. It is not just safeguarding intellectual property and employees, but also the privacy of their customers, shoppers, and guest, while preserving compliance with PCI and HIPAA. The primary defense of a wireless network is the Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS). A WIPS solution’s primary role is to protect the company and its employees’, guest’s and customer’s wireless connections and transactions. WIPS ensure users are connected to the correct network, with the required security and are in compliance with corporate policies.

Zebra Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate the Zebra AirDefense WIPS solution and compare that to Cisco Adaptive wIPS. Tests illustrated both performance and feature benefits of the Zebra solution.

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