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Title: Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition and Security VNF Carrier-Class Performance Evaluation: L4-7 Classification & URL Filtering

Publication date:   12 October 2015
Document number:    215157


Carrier environments need to be able to provide the highest network performance at a competitive price point. Network virtualization and virtualized services hold the key to achieving this goal. High-performance virtual network appliances built on standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware can deliver the “bang for the buck” that is sought after by network operators large and small.

Allot Communications commissioned Tolly to test a virtualized security service (i.e., Web URL Filtering) and the virtualized service framework that supports it - Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (Allot SG-VE). Together, they comprise an Allot Security virtualized network function (VNF) that is engineered to operate seamlessly in network functions virtualization (NFV) environments. That’s Allot’s vision for the future – to offer VNFs that have all the underlying capabilities built-in and pre-integrated so all a customer has to do is deploy an instance of the VNF and they are up and running.

The Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (referred to as “SG-VE” hereafter) demonstrated nearly 200Gbps of network throughput while running traffic classification and URL filtering functions common to carrier-grade networks.

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