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Title: Huawei S9700 Series Terabit Routing Switches 
Programmable Capability, Performance and Feature Validation

Publication date:   12 January 2016
Document number:    215169


The Huawei S9700 series Terabit Routing Switch is a fully programmable core switch based on Huawei’s high-end core router platform technology. With the Ethernet Network Processor (ENP), the S9700 provides high capacity, large buffer, programmability at the forwarding layer, integrated T-bit Access Controller (AC) capability, Unified User Management, and multiple user-defined functions. The S9700 can also implement wired and wireless convergence and vertical virtualization.

Tolly engineers verified Huawei’s S9700 series Terabit Routing Switches in multiple areas including the native wireless AC capability, Super Virtual Fabric (SVF), iPCA real-time network quality monitoring, unified user management, high availability, easy-operation, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), performance, and capacity.

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