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Title: HP t730 Thin Client with Windows 10 IoT Comparative Performance and User Experience Evaluation versus Dell Wyse 7020

Publication date:   14 January 2016
Document number:    216103


The growing popularity of cloud computing and the maturity of the client virtualization ecosystem have brought forth new areas where thin client computing can provide cost effective solutions. These thin client systems need to have sufficient power to handle graphics demands of today’s applications as well as protocol resilience so important in cloud environments.

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and user experience of the HP t730 Thin Client and compare it to the Dell Wyse 7020 thin client solution with the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. Each is advertised as that vendor’s highest performing Windows client.

The HP t730 Thin Client delivered better performance benchmark scores than the Dell Wyse solution at a lower cost. The HP thin client also delivered higher video frame rates and file upload/download speed across a simulated WAN experiencing 0.5% frame loss. In the LAN environment, the HP thin client also delivered higher video frame rates and more traffic throughput for better use experience. Furthermore, without the dedicated graphic card, the HP client supported four 4K monitors with smooth 4K video playing while the Dell client could not play the 4K video smoothly with one 4K monitor and one 1080p monitor.

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