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Title: Zebra Technologies WiNG5 WLAN Guest Access: Captive Portal and Application Visibility Control (AVC) ‘Out of Box’ Functionality and Performance vs Cisco’s WLAN Offering

Publication date:   14 March 2016
Document number:    216108


In virtually every business environment, guests, visitors and BYOD employees require Internet access. Wireless LANs (WLANs) provide the only practical way to provide access whether for just a few guests at a time at a small office or for hundreds simultaneously at hotels and conferences. Feature-rich and high-performance guest management solutions improve user experience and allow network managers to control usage of precious WLAN/Internet bandwidth.

Zebra Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate the guest management capabilities of its WiNG5 WLAN solution and compare that to Cisco System’s offering. The evaluation focused on comparing architecture and features available “out of box,” that is, without requiring any additional products or licensing. Tolly engineers tested the AVC performance of each vendor’s deep packet inspection (DPI) engine on the WLAN access point (AP). Additionally, Tolly reviewed product documentation of the architecture and feature set especially features relevant to the branch office.. Zebra WiNG5 provides important features that are extra-cost items with the Cisco Solution as well as better DPI performance.

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