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Title: Dell Data Center Switches Z9100-ON & S6100-ON 100GbE Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   28 March 2016
Document number:    216111


Data center architects require high-capacity, high-performance switches at the core of the network to provide the best application performance for users. Dell offers Data Center switches built on a non-blocking architecture that provide 10/25/40/50/100GbE interfaces.

Dell commissioned Tolly to benchmark the 100GbE performance, latency and power consumption of its Z9100-ON & S6100-ON. The Dell Networking Z9100-ON is a multi-rate 10/25/40/50/100GbE fabric fixed switch purpose-built for applications in high-performance data center and computing environments. The Dell Networking S6100-ON is also a multi-rate switch but is fully modular giving it additional flexibility for customer requirements.

The Dell switches delivered 100% line-rate throughput running various configurations of 100GbE and 40GbE in both unicast and multicast throughput tests in every test at every tested frame size except one.

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