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Title: Huawei S5720-HI Series Agile Fixed Switches Feature Validation and Capacity Evaluation

Publication date:   29 April 2016
Document number:    216115


The Huawei S5720-HI Series Agile Switch is a fully programmable Gigabit Ethernet access switch that provides rich agile features. With the Ethernet Network Processor (ENP), the S5720-HI supports high capacity, large buffer, programmability at the forwarding layer, integrated wireless Access Controller (AC) features, unified user management, and multiple user-defined functions. Also, the S5720-HI can implement wired and wireless convergence and vertical virtualization.

The S5720-HI switches are ideal for the branches of high quality large- and mid-sized campus networks, the core layer of small-sized campus networks, and the access layer of data center networks.

Tolly engineers verified Huawei’s S5720-HI series Agile Switches in multiple areas including the native wireless AC capability, Super Virtual Fabric (SVF), unified user management, QoS, iStack, high availability, easy-operation, capacity, and the High-speed Self Recovery (HSR) solution.

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