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Title: Webinar - IBM XGS 7100 Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Efficacy and Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   04 May 2016
Document number:    216128


IBM commissioned Tolly to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of its IBM Security Network Protection XGS 7100 appliance. The IBM XGS 7100 is a next-generation intrusion prevention appliance, and the model tested was outfitted with 8x10GbE ports. Efficacy testing encompassed attack detection/ blocking of various threat corpora, both with and without SSL/TLS inbound/ outbound inspection enabled. Performance testing included multi-protocol throughput with SSL/TLS disabled and SSL/TLS inbound enabled, along with HTTP connections per second. The system detected 100% of publicly-disclosed exploits tested along with successfully blocking 100% of the McAfee Evader test suite.

View the on-demand webcast with Kevin Tolly presenting the study results along with Sr. Product Manager, IBM Security, Eric York by clicking on the link below which will take you to the IBM webcast landing page.

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