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Title: Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution Performance Evaluation vs. Aruba, Cisco Systems and Ruckus Wireless

Publication date:   27 May 2016
Document number:    216129


Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution transforms the traditional “AC (access controller + FIT APs (access points)” architecture into a three-layer “AC + Central APs + Remote Units (RUs)” distributed architecture. By dividing the Fit AP layer into two parts (central APs provide forwarding and management; cost efficient RUs only process radio signals), the innovative Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi solution provides superior performance, coverage and easy-management. While the RU could be mounted to each room’s wall plate, wall or ceiling, the solution is ideal for high room density scenarios such as education (dormitory), hotel (room), and hospital (ward).

Tolly engineers evaluated the Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution’s performance versus the indoor Wall Plate APs and the indoor Settled APs from other vendors including Aruba, Cisco and Ruckus. Tolly engineers also evaluated the scalability, easy management and Internet of Things (IoT) integration of the Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution.

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