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Title: Zebra Technologies WiNG5 Enterprise WLAN Solution Evaluation vs Cisco Meraki

Publication date:   24 August 2016
Document number:    216132


For the past few years, there has been a trend to move everything to the “cloud,” but there can be trade-offs. Some cloud-based solutions lack true enterprise-class features and access points (APs), cannot “survive” the loss of the cloud connection and do not offer customers the option to own and host the solution themselves without monthly fees.

Zebra Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate its WiNG5 WLAN solution and compare that to the Cisco Meraki offering. Meraki can only be purchased as a cloud solution managed by the enterprise while Zebra’s WiNG5 can be premise or cloud, owned and managed by the enterprise. The evaluation will consider various size solutions, site survivability, enterprise grade features, capital and operating costs and 3-year TCO.

Zebra WiNG5 provides a richer, enterprise class feature set, more sophisticated radio frequency (RF) management, management features, site survivability and lower capital expenditure (CAPEX) than Meraki.

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