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Title: Dell Networking C9010 Network Director 10 GbE Switch Performance & Power Consumption vs. Cisco Systems Catalyst 6807-X

Publication date:   12 September 2016
Document number:    216141


As bandwidth needs grow, the need for modular switch designs with 10 and 40 GbE capability has become increasingly important. Medium to large enterprises require network designs with low overall latency and full line rate throughput designed in. The Dell Networking C9010 delivers on these requirements while also simplifying management through a unified network architecture.

Dell Networking commissioned Tolly to benchmark the Dell Networking C9010 Network Director core switch and compare it to the Cisco Systems Catalyst 6807-XL for L2 performance and power consumption. Tests were run to evaluate single-slot throughput, slot-to-slot throughput, and overall chassis throughput.

The Dell Networking C9010 10GbE LAN switch delivered higher performance, higher port density and lower power consumption than the Cisco Catalyst.

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