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Title: SiteLock® SMART™ (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) Web-based Malware Comparison Versus McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Suite

Publication date:   19 September 2016
Document number:    216143


Traditional endpoint security is an essential part of any enterprise security strategy, but, today, is it enough? Hackers work 24x7 to exploit systems any way that they can. Web applications are publicly visible, and frequently contain vulnerabilities, making them a prime target.

SiteLock, LLC commissioned Tolly to evaluate the SiteLock SMART web-based malware protection solution and compare its effectiveness to the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Suite. Testing focused on evaluating how effective each solution was at detecting and removing web-based malware.

Tests showed that the SiteLock solution detected and cleaned 100% of the samples where the traditional endpoint solution detected under 6% of the samples and deleted less than 2% of the samples.

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