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Title: Ruijie RG-S2910 Series Switch Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   02 December 2016
Document number:    216158


Ruijie RG-S2910 is Ruijie’s next-gen family of Gigabit switches architected for superior security, high performance and outstanding energy efficiency. The series delivers full Gigabit access and unparalleled scalability to 10G performance. With the all-new hardware architecture and Ruijie’s latest RGOS11.X modular operating system, the RG-S2910 switches offer large table capacity, fast hardware processing performance and an easy operating experience. The RG-S2910 switches guarantee high-density user access and leading aggregation performance with ease.

Tolly engineers verified that the Ruijie RG-S2910 switches supported 100% line-rate forwarding with all GbE and 10GbE ports, less than 50ms failover time for link or node failure with VSU, large MAC, ARP and FIB capacity, static route and RIP routing protocol, OpenFlow 1.3 SDN capability, and the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature for power saving.

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