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Title: Ruijie Simplistic Campus Network (SCN) Solution Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   16 December 2016
Document number:    216159


Mobile Internet makes today’s campus network quite complex. While users embrace the convenience brought by the Mobile Internet era, challenges from the unified management of wired and wireless networks, rocketing user capacity, versatile applications and security/authentication constraint are coming in waves.

The exponential growth of mobile devices drives the campus to upgrade their fundamental equipment such as wireless, backbone, authentication platform to solve the user capacity issues as well as guarantee user experience. This also brings heavy pressure on network operations and management especially when IT resources are insufficient.

Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the "Simplistic Campus Network” (SCN) solution which is designed to simplify the complex campus network, reduce cost and improve user experience. The innovative SCN architecture built around the high performance RG-N18000 Core helps to reduce the workload in network operation and management. The unique Web Anti-Noise feature and dedicated authentication performance from the RG-N18000 Core, coupled with RG-SAM+ Security Accounting Management System, allow centralized user management and better user experience in authentication.

Campuses, typically facing managing heterogeneous network infrastructure, can benefit from the Ruijie SCN Solution that are designed with open standard interoperability and flexible deployment options.

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